Wing Staff & Directory

Rhode Island's Unpaid Professionals

Meet the team.

Col William Stranahan

Wing Commander

Lt Col Robert Gubala

Wing Vice Commander

Capt Donovan Smith

Chief of Staff

MSgt Paul Payton

Command NCO

Maj Paul Ault

Director of Aerospace Education

Capt Katherine Blanchard

Director of Cadet Programs

Capt Timothy Blanchard

Director of Emergency Services

Ch (Maj) John Amaral 

Wing Chaplain

Capt Robert Gianopoulos

Health Services / CISM Officer

2d Lt  Koren Payton

Director of Administration and Personnel

1st Lt B. Charles Sutton

Director of Communications

Capt Chase Boni

Director of Finance

Lt Col James Bell

Director of Information Technology

MSgt Paul Payton

Director of Logistics

Capt J. Darrell Arribas

Director of Operations

Capt Paula Cardillo

Director of Education and Training


Director of Recruiting and Retention

Maj David DeMello

Director of Safety


Diversity Officer

Lt Col Leonard Schindler

Inspector General

Capt Dennis Gannon

Legal Officer

Lt Col Eileen Rapose

Aircraft Maintenance Officer

Capt Chase Boni

Public Affairs Officer