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Complaint Resolution (CR) in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is intended to create an environment where complaints, grievances, and misunderstandings can be resolved.  The CR is a last resort management tool.  Every effort should be made to satisfy complaints and grievances at the supervisory or command level where they occur.  While the opportunity always exists to elevate issues to the Inspector General (IG) and even to Congressional levels, CAP personnel should be aware that allegations are investigated at the level where they occurred.  The same person who could or should have originally answered the complaint is usually tasked to do so from a higher level.

In a CAP member or parent of a cadet has a complaint or grievance, he/she should bring it to the attention of the unit commander, unless it involves one of the items listed in para 15 of CAPR 20-2 (these issues MUST be sent to the IG using the online form noted below). Quite often the perceived problem is just a misunderstanding and can be easily corrected or explained.   If the problem directly involves the commander, then take it to the next higher commander (ie. group commander) unless it involves one of the items listed in para 15 of CAPR 20-2 (these issues must be sent to the IG using the online form noted below).  The first person to contact is NOT a member of Congress, Board of Governors, the governor or the CAP National Commander.

Allow some time once you have contacted the commander or the IG.  The member may only devote two or three evenings per week to the CAP.  Remember, he/she is a volunteer too and has many other obligations outside of CAP.  

Allegations of sexual harassment or abuse and cadet protection, verbal or written, will be immediately reported by the unit commander to the wing or region commander, who in turn will immediately report it to NHQ CAP/GC.  Incidents and complaints regarding alleged discrimination or discriminatory practices will be reported promptly to the wing or region commander, who shall immediately report the incident to CAP Equal Opportunity Officer at eo@capnhq.gov .  In incidents or complaints regarding an alleged hostile environment, unit commanders will immediately report the allegation to the wing commander, region commander, or inspector general.


Once you have decided to contact the IG, you should refer to CAPR 20-2 to determine if your concern or grievance meets the definition of a complaint. 

If it does, you can submit your complaint online at: https://civilair.ethicspointvp.com/custom/civilair/forms/complaint/

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