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Information Technology Officer - Multiple Statewide

Position Level: Relevant civilian experience required.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5 hrs/week

The Rhode Island Wing is currently seeking dedicated volunteers to serve as Information Technology Officers. Typical duties of the Information Technology Officer position include:

  • Establish and manage unit website.
  • Support and troubleshoot unit IT assets (computers, printers, etc.)
  • Implement IT policy directives from higher headquarters.
  • Provide relevant IT training to unit members.
  • Other duties as required.

Required Experience:

  • Meet basic requirements for CAP membership.
  • Basic web development experience (HTML, CSS, PHP).
  • Experience with Microsoft Access and SQL.
  • Basic software and hardware troubleshooting skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Preferred Experience:

  • Professional experience in information technology or software development.
  • Proficiency in at least one high level programming language such as Java, C#, or Python.
  • Experience working with legacy technology.

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