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Homeland Security Officer - Multiple Statewide

Position Level: Relevant civilian experience required.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5 hrs/week

The Rhode Island Wing is currently seeking dedicated volunteers to serve as Homeland Security Officers. Typical duties of the Homeland Security Officer position include:

  • Work closely with the other operations staff officers to prevent duplication of effort and to ensure CAP presents one clear voice to potential Homeland Security customers.
  • Develop agreements and maintain contact with state and local emergency management officials pertaining to HLS. Ensures coordination with unit Emergency Services Officer regarding requirements.
  • Work closely with Emergency Services Officer to ensure unit resources are capable of responding to appropriate requests in support of homeland security.
  • Monitor CAP training to ensure the HLS program is adequate to include, proper equipment (cameras, computers and radios, etc.) and training to accomplish complete aerial and ground photo reconnaissance mission requests.
  • Monitor unit procedures for rapid alerting and assembling of unit personnel to support homeland security tasking requirements.
  • Monitor unit homeland security evaluations, training missions and exercises.
  • Understand CAPís homeland security responsibilities in all operational areas
  • Other duties as required.

Required Experience:

  • Meet basic requirements for CAP membership.
  • Prior experience in homeland security, emergency services, or law enforcement.
  • Strong safety mindset.
  • Attention to detail and ability to follow complex protocols and regulations.

Preferred Experience:

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